Welcome To Christian Endeavour, Ireland

Irish Christian Endeavour Union - an organisation which trains and equips today's young people to be tomorrow's church leaders. This site will tell you all about our organisation: our ethos, who we are, what we do and tell you all about what's going on at the moment throughout the country with our affiliated societies.

Our Facebook page is also a great way to see what C.E. Ireland has been getting up to!

About C.E.

Christian Endeavour (C.E.) is a non-denominational movement which seeks to teach and train its members for service in their local church through participation in regular meetings and by taking an active role in group work. Members are encouraged to take the C.E. promise, which promotes commitment to Christ, the local Church and fellow believers.

How Can C.E. Help My Church?

Getting new leaders in churches is difficult, but C.E. believe that the best way to build up the numbers and the ability of the leaders within your own church family, is to train your own.

C.E. is run under the Motto of 'For Christ and the Church' and on four Main Standards;
Confession of Christ | Service for Christ | Fellowship of Christ's people | Loyalty to Christ's Church

We here at C.E. Ireland are convinced that training our young people to serve the church, is the most effective way of sustaining the leadership within the Church, which is such an integral part of Church family life.

At Irish C.E. we have our own Training Convenor, who would be glad to speak with you, advise you on how to start up as C.E. Society and could also come to you and provide training and perhaps even help you run your first meeting. Please contact your local society or use the contact section at the bottom of this page.

Getting Involved

Irish Christian Endeavour (C.E.) is run locally throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. C.E. is broken down into different age brackets to help accommodate for everyone, depending on your local C.E. To find your local C.E. and the group that would most suit you (or someone you know), please contact us.


Children in Junior CE are trained to take part in and be responsible for their own weekly meeting. This meeting offers an action packed programme in which they “learn by doing”. By this the children are fully involved in the planning, preparing for and the actual participation of the meeting.

Young Peoples

Young Peoples in C.E. follows on from Junior C.E.. The young people are trained to take their endeavour further and to take an active role in what they believe. This meeting offers young people the chance to meet and grow closer as a group but also to deepen their beliefs.


Seniors in Ireland are referred to as Comrades of Endeavour. They are groups of people that have served Christian Endeavour faithfully over the years and still wish to have an association with the Movement. They meet regularly together in their various societies.


Christian Endeavour Project 2016/17

This year, we will be working with The Bible Society in Northern Ireland, supporting their work in telling God’s big story to children in schools.

The Bible Society, in partnership with the Youth Department of the Baptist Church, run a schools programme called “Amazing Journeys”, where local churches go into schools and tell the story of the Bible through story. The money raised by CE for the Missionary Project this year will go towards supporting the distribution of Bibles to children in schools through this programme.
The Bible Society have put together a great pack to be used in our CE societies this year. There is a series of 3 lessons, with activities for both Juniors and Young People, based on the theme of Storytellers. The first lesson looks at the Bible as not just as a collection of stories like Noah’s Ark, David and Goliath and the birth of Jesus, but as an epic story where each tale is part of God’s rescue plan for His children. The second lesson encourages each one of us to be a Bible Storyteller, telling others about God’s big story. The final lesson looks at the work of the Bible Society, particularly the work they do in schools with the Amazing Journeys project, and how we can support this work.
The packs will be a fantastic resource to use in our CE societies during the year, with leaders’ notes and a resource disc with worksheets, games, PowerPoint slides, videos, and fundraising activities to use with your group. The Bible Society would also be delighted to come and visit your society, so please to contact them to arrange a visit (details below).

Finally, please pray for the work of The Bible Society, particularly the work they are doing with the Amazing Journeys projects in our schools. Pray also that each one of us may become a better Storyteller, sharing God’s amazing story with others.

Bible Society in Northern Ireland
Leah McKibben, BSNI Projects Manager
Bible House, 27 Howard Street, Belfast, BT1 6NB
028 9032 6577


Young Peoples Camp

Young People's Camp is a week long camp held annually each year in July. Please check out our Facebook page for more details about our next camp.

Junior Camp

Junior camp is a week long camp held annually in July. Please contact your local C.E. society or our office regarding our next camp.

National Award Scheme

The children work at a number of tasks ranging from Bible Knowledge to Practical Christian Living, and receive credit for each one successfully completed. Badges and certificates are awarded at the different levels ie Bronze, Silver, Gold.

C.E. Convention

'Will you take a stand?'. This year is the 103rd Irish C.E. Convention, 15th-16th September 2017, Enniskillen Presbyterian Church. Rev Andrew Mullan will be speaking. Each year we hold an annual Convention, check out our Facebook page to see some pictures from last years.