How does C.E. Work?

The framework within which Christian Endeavour works is as follows:- 1. Weekly Meeting In this weekly “do it yourself” style  meeting, the members are allocated various jobs, ie taking turns to chair the meeting, read from the Bible, take part in praying, present missionary news,deliver a short talk,use musical talents , do craft work and drama. The style of each meeting will vary depending on the age and maturity of the members but the key words are Variety and Participation. 2. Covenant/Promise All CE Members are encouraged to take a Promise. There is an Active Members/Christians Promise and a  Members Promise for those who have yet to trust in Christ. 3. Promise Night Once a month there is a special time set aside within the meeting at which the members are reminded of the Promises they have made, encouraged to consider whether they have been keeping them, and given an opportunity to renew them. 4. Group Activity This is an important part of the Training and Participation elements of Christian Endeavour as it allows each member, assisted by the Leaders to serve in one of a small number of groups which take responsibility for the various aspects of the Society, for example:-

  • Planning the Programmes each week and allocating duties to other members.
  • Looking out for and bringing new members
  • Encouraging an interest in Missionary work
  • Arranging Social and Recreational events
Christian Endeavour in all of this provides an overall effective pattern of planned activity which progressively trains its members in many areas of Christian Leadership. These areas include:
  • Prayer
  • Bible Study
  • Devotions
  • Leadership
  • Personal Participation
  • Administration
  • Social Activity
  • Citizenship
  • Fellowship
Each of these areas of Training  provide the CE person with the talents and opportunities to be used by them in future service in the church for Christ and His Church. Christian Endeavour is an Organisation that works within the Church, with the Church, and through the Church in reaching children and young people for Christ and training them to serve Christ and the Church. The CE Motto and Standards The motto of Christian Endeavour is “For Christ and the Church”. The four basic principles/standards of Christian Endeavour are:-
  • Confession of Christ
  • Service for Christ
  • Loyalty to Christ’s Church
  • Fellowship with Christ’s people
The purposes of Christian Endeavour are :-
  • Endeavouring to lead children and young people to faith in Jesus Christ
  • Bringing them into the life of the Church
  • Equipping and training them in the service of Christ
The motto, principles and purposes are the core of Christian Endeavour and are all  basic  to the goals toward which Christian Endeavour seeks to achieve.  These are amplified in the following:-
      1. Leading each child and young person to accept Jesus Christ as their own personal Saviour.
      2. Giving them an opportunity to express their personal relationship to Christ as their Saviour and Lord through Prayer, and Bible Study
      3. Training and instructing them in service for Christ and the Church   through the method of learning by doing ie taking part by praying etc
      4. Encouraging the loyalty of each person to their own church through attendance and participation in the services and programme of their church
      5. Promoting interdenominational fellowship with those of other churches and denominations of the Reformed faith
      6. Providing a place where they can have fellowship together in their own devotional meetings, social and recreational activities
      7. Assisting in developing an understanding of Social Issues and Citizenship  based upon Christian principles with the Bible as the basis.


Young Peoples/ Young Adults Promise

Depending on Jesus Christ at all times and in God’s strength, I promise Him that I will serve Him with all my heart.  I will endeavour to read my Bible and pray every day and will support the work of my own church.  I will attend CE as often as I can and will take part in the meeting as God calls me to.

Junior Promises

  • Members promise:

Its Monday (or whatever day) night, its Junior C.E.  It’s the place I want to be, I learn about God, I’ll be quiet and good, I’ll behave like a CE member should.
  •  Active/Christians Promise:

With God’s help, I’ll try to do all that He would want me to, I’ll pray and read the Bible each day and live my life the Christian way, I’ll join in at Junior CE and trust that Jesus will shine through me.